Monday, May 14, 2012

Debut: The Pining "Call it Quits" Official Music Video by Oasis ASC Program

It's finished!
This spring, students in the Arts and Social Change Program at Oasis Alternative S.S took on an unusual art project. They were assigned the task of creating an official music video for local alt-country roots rockers, The Pining, using only a sheet, scrap paper, scissors and an old fashioned overhead projector.

 Oasis students work with local artists like The Pining to create real and meaningful projects that have a life outside of the school (check out earlier blog posts to see our Nuit Blanche and Night of Dread contributions). Working on an art project that is presented outside of the classroom and promotes local musicians ensures that students are not only completing their credits, they are making a valuable contribution to the Toronto art and music scene. They are experiencing success as artists beyond the classroom.

Inspired by unrequited crushes and Road Runner cartoons, the 2 min video for "Call it Quits" is a result of hours of hard work, collaboration, problem solving and a few paper cuts. Students from Oasis Arts and Social Change Program hope you enjoy their video.