Monday, June 20, 2011

Oasis Arts and Social Change: A Year in Review

Chanele receives two awards:
Community Development & Math

 The Oasis Arts and Social Change Program had an amazing Celebration and Leaving Ceremony on Friday. Parents, administrators, senior staff -including our Superintendent, students, and Oasis staff attended and participated in space filled to the rafters. It was a deeply moving experience for all of us – the students stepped up and followed through with maturity and authenticity. Lots of tears and laughter burst from the audience. Good news is that we posted our video on YouTube. It is a culmination of a year in review – our work, our triumphs, our activism and our dreams.

Tessa shows off her Vinyl Art
Oasis Alternative Secondary School works with students who are the least well served Oasis Alternative Secondary School works with students who are the least well served at the Toronto District School Board. In spite of this work, the school faced staffing cuts this year that will have deleterious effects on the program we offer students. This video is a powerful statement of work that the we do to help students succeed - sometimes for the very first time. This video is a piece of activism by student and staff. Presented here is a year in review. Sit back and get ready to have your mind blown.

Principal Gabi Kurzydlowski, Superintendent Georgina Balascas,
& Media Arts teacher Louise Azzarello

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oasis Overhead Projector Magic!

Check out this music video made by the Art of Rock n' Roll class for PS I Love You, a popular indie rock band:

The best part is that the entire video was made using only an overhead projector, scrap paper, wire, cardboard puppets and a bit of red film. Take a look at the band's website and see just how much those cockroaches look like the band members.

Amazing work by some amazing students.