Monday, January 17, 2011

Oasis Flash Mob Center!!!
Watch the videos, learn the dance and come join the FlashMob! Everyone is welcome! Watch and learn all FOUR PARTS on our youtube channel :)

Group rehearsal time and performance date TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!
Now planning for third week of February so everyone can be part of the fun!!
Structure for FlashMob:
Don’t stop believing 0:00- 1:00 Oasis students will sing (everyone else remains hidden)
Don’t stop believing 1:01- 1:16 everyone sing along and slowly come together
(Part 1) Don’t stop believing 1:17- 1:55 everyone start dancing
(Part 2) Proud Mary 0:54-1:44 everyone dancing
(Part 3) Jai Ho 0:12-1:08 everyone dancing
(Part 4) Can’t Touch this 0:00-0:39 everyone dancing
*moment the song ends, walk, and disperse like you are going about your daily business and like nothing happened. Meet outside (location kept secret for now) to celebrate together.

NOTE: Full dance video with all songs together coming soon.........