Saturday, April 3, 2010

ASC goes to Regent Park

The music and drama students were invited to perform at York University Regent Park Teacher Education Program. They performed drumming, monologues and made suggestions to the teacher candidates about how to teach at-risk inner city students.

Regent Park, Teacher Candidate, 2010:
This is the best thing we’ve done at the site all year.

Except from Toulee’s Regent Park Rap:
…Immigrants treated like slaves to death
Why do we have to fight for our opportunities?
They’d probably be choosing me, but I’m just another unseen minority,
Don’t wanna be charity, but when I apply for the job it’s always false
Always get rejections from the boss
You can’t be soft when you have someone to take care of
Rent’s due and their hungry,
Tears rolling down their face and their noses runny,
Cause there’s no food in there tummy…